Manpreet Researches the Benefits of Mindfulness for Teens

Manpreet, Gr. 12, with "The Mindful Teen" book
Manpreet, Gr. 12

Manpreet chose to investigate the benefits of mindfulness for teens for her English 12 Independent Project, using the book “The Mindful Teen” as her primary source. The book launch for Dr. Vo’s “The Mindful Teen” was held at YHS this past April. Manpreet also wrote a guest blog post for Dr. Vo’s blog. Check out the post here.

In her project, Manpreet focused on the factors that make living in the “present moment” an unattainable ideal for adolescents in developed countries. She collected data from her fellow students and created two guided audio recordings of meditation as a solution.

Great job Manpreet! We are sure you are helping your fellow Yorkies to be more peaceful and mindful.

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