Earth Science 11: Omniglobe Experience

EarthScience7On November 4th, Mrs. Dombroski’s Earth Science 11 class embarked on a field trip to the Pacific Museum of Earth. We were guided through the interactive Omniglobe Experience by Anna, a Masters student at the University of British Columbia, who specializes in the geology of Mars.

EarthScience1The Omniglobe is a spherical interactive display, that mimics the earth and all of it’s processes, as well as visualizing the geological history of the earth that we know today. It is the only one of its kind in Canada and our Earth Science class was fortunate to have this opportunity to experience it. As a class, our favourite visualization was the animation of the earth and the changes it has undergone in its 4.6 billion year lifespan. We all thoroughly enjoyed this particular portion of the presentation as seeing it from three-dimensional perspective, we could develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the Earth’s geological development. All of the images of the earth were of superb quality, and generated an incredibly realistic representation.

As well as the Omniglobe, the Pacific Museum of Earth included fascinating fossils and a wonderful collection of rocks and gemstones, which came in every color under the sun and were the rarest kind! In summation, our exciting field trip to UBC was educational, interesting, and certainly a whole lot of fun! As a class, we would all certainly recommend this trip to any science class. We hope to return soon, to learn more, and to further augment our Earth Science knowledge.

Earth Science Class 2015/16

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