Hives for Humanity Workshop

Grade 9 French Class with Julia Commons, co-founder of Hives For Humanity

On February 14, Mr. Lum organized an apiculture (beekeeping) workshop in French for his Grade 9 French class.

The class invited Julia Commons, co-founder of Hives for Humanity, an NGO based in the Downtown Eastside. She discussed the history of bees, different types of bees, the growing concern of extinction, and why they are important in our environment.

The class then made candles out of local beeswax and seed balls for Valentine’s day. The girls are to plant the seed balls close to their homes and document the progress. The class had an apiculture class in French, were educated on the importance of bees in our community, and learned about the wonderful work Hives For Humanity does to bring people and bees together.

Mr. Alexis Lum