Plan Your Play: The Nature Playbook

Robin Friesen with Junior School students at Pacific Spirit Park

This year, our very own Coordinator of Outdoor Education and Risk Management, Robin Friesen, together with a team of people selected from across Canada, wrote a book to inspire Canadians to get outdoors with their families. Published with Parks Canada, The Nature Playbook invites Canadians to take action to connect a new generation of Canadians with nature.

The idea of this book is to try and give families, teachers, and human beings in general, a tool to use for brainstorming how they are going to get themselves, their loved ones, and their community outside. We know that our society has increasingly shifted towards staying inside more and more. But there is a growing body of research that points to the benefits of getting outside and connecting with nature including physical health, emotional health, mental health, and stress reduction.

As we head into summer, we hope that you can take minute to take a look at this book online or download a copy for the whole family to review and plan your play! Congratulations to Robin and the team of writers who were able to launch this very important work this year!