VYMUN at Whistler

Members of our Model UN participated at Vancouver Youth Model United Nations (VYMUN) from October 27-29 in Whistler.

Emmalyn, Gr. 9, was named Best Delegate, representing the Minister of Finance, in the Canadian Government, in support or the current first-past-the-post electoral system and against introducing proportional representation.

Mila, Gr. 8, was named an Outstanding Delegate, as Mikhail Tomsky, Bolshevik President of the Congress of Trade Unions in the Historical Crisis Committee in which the Bolsheviks battled Kerensky’s Provisional government during the Russian Revolution.

Emma, Gr. 8, was awarded Best Position Paper, representing France in the UN Security Council, dealing with the current North Korean situation and the current war in Syria.

Congratulations girls!

Watch the closing video here.