Legally Blonde: The Musical

The York Rose Players just wrapped up what just might be the most successful musical in YHS history! Over 1000 tickets were sold — almost a full house every night. There were many elements involved in putting on this show: music, choreography, sets, props, sound, lighting, and so much more! Kudos to all those involved, from the cast of 32 (+ one dog), the pit band of six, and the production crew of 27 who worked on everything from costumes and set design to hair and makeup and props. Elle Woods had nine costume changes alone! Our phenomenal cast put in well over 150 hours each of rehearsal time in preparation for this production.

Here is a note from Shannon Harrigan, Senior Drama Teacher and Director of the show:

At first pink glance, Legally Blonde: The Musical appears to be a fluffy piece of entertainment full of bright colours, lively music, and larger-than-life characters. However, what lies beneath the surface is a story about finding one’s voice and personal power, that we are stronger when standing with others rather than against them, the importance of staying true to your values and ideals no matter the circumstance, and that it is up to us to define ourselves.

At the top of the show, Elle Woods seems to have it all: she has a bright outlook on life, is the President of a sorority house, has a myriad of loyal friends, and a seemingly-perfect relationship. Her world comes crashing down quickly when her boyfriend breaks up with her because she’s too much of a “Marilyn” and he’s looking for a “Jackie”. From this moment on, Elle finds herself facing adversity, much of which is caused by the expectations that people have for her based upon her looks.

There are several moments in the show when Elle could have chosen to quit and go back to the way things used to be. But that is not who Elle Woods is. Elle Woods is someone who cares about people, who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in, who always stays true to herself, who wants to help the underdog, and ultimately realizes that despite life’s difficulties, “There’s so much to learn;/So many dreams to earn./But even if I crash and burn/ten times a day,/I think I’m here to stay./I’m going to find my way.” In the end, Elle Woods discovers that with perseverance, some hard work, and a whole lot of love there is nothing that is impossible.

Like Elle, our journey has been a challenging and fulfilling journey that included over 55 students and adults involved in all aspects—and one dog named Coco. We too have discovered the magic that can happen when people work together for a common goal. Months of singing, dancing, acting, planning, and rehearsing all culminate together into one beautiful celebration. We are extremely proud of what we have created. Snaps to all involved! We hope you enjoyed the show!