Junior Tigers Update: April 26, 2018

What a whirlwind of activity the Junior Tigers experienced over the past two weeks. Ultimate had their first set of games and our Track & Field  team competed in not one, but two meets! Thank you to all of the girls for their time and commitment. York House shines brightly on the athletic stage because of you!

Over the past five days, our Junior School Track & Field  team competed in two meets. First up was the Vancouver Olympic Club (VOC) Elementary Meet at Swangard Stadium. The meet started at 3:00 pm on Friday (April 21st) with a flourish of jumping and throwing as we had many girls leave school early to arrive in time for their first event. The afternoon started off quite dry, but the action and rain continued well into the evening and our final group of athletes and coaches stepped off the track around 8:00 pm. Both the Tigers and the sun returned Saturday morning for a glorious day of competing and supporting each other. A big nod to our coaches, parents and athletes for such a great start to the competition season.

Meet Highlights:  

  • Grade 3 Tigers who flourished in their first meet
  • Jamie (Gr. 3) 1st in the 600m, setting a Grade 3 record (2:09.43) in the process
  • Ryan (Gr. 3) 1st in shot put
  • Hailey (Gr. 3) 2nd in shot put
  • Kristin (Gr. 3 ) 2nd in high jump and long jump!
  • Lily (Gr. 3 ) 3rd in long jump
  • Kaya (Gr. 4 ) 2nd in the 1000m
  • Mackenzie (Gr. 6) 1st in shot putJenna Louie (Gr. 7) 2nd in high jump
  • The number of girls who are tracking their personal bests (PBs) and running up to coaches saying “I got a PB!”. We love it!

Our second meet was the UBC Vancouver Elementary Meet. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing, and once again the Tigers showed up in full force with 80 girls participating. Of course, it was another day of PBs, and equally cool was the precision that our relay teams passed the baton. A 4x100m relay uses a “blind exchange” that allows the baton to be passed from one athlete to another at full speed without looking at each other. It is such a difficult task that ever Olympic competition sees the world’s best sprinters make epic mistakes costing their teams Olympic glory! Fortunately the stakes are not quite so high at our elementary meets 🙂 Nonetheless, our young Tigers make passing a baton look pretty easy. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to hear how proud our coaches are of their efforts.

Meet Highlights:

  • Jamie (Gr. 3) 2nd in the 60m, 600m and 1st in high jump, jumping a Grade 3 record (1.10m)
  • Kristen (Gr. 3) 1st in long jump
  • Ryan (Gr. 3) 3rd in shot put
  • Kaya (Gr. 4) 2nd in the 600m, 3rd in the 1000m
  • Lauren (Gr. 4) 2nd in shot put
  • Emily (Gr. 5) 3rd in the 60m
  • Ruby (Gr. 5) 1st in the 1000m
  • Livie (Gr. 5) 2nd in long jump.
  • Sofia (Gr. 5) 1st in long jump, 3rd in the 60m
  • Mackenzie (Gr. 6) 2nd in shot put and the 100m
  • Madeleine (Gr. 6) 1st in high jump
  • Eloise (Gr. 6) 3rd in high jump
  • Jenna (Gr. 7) 2nd in high jump

Our Grade 7 Ultimate got their first taste of game action last week, going to Winona Park to play against other ISA schools. As it turned out, our team ended up playing three different Stratford Hall (SH) teams. It was not the variety of schools we were looking to play, but SH has a strong co-ed program, and their teams challenged our girls to make better passes and cut, and be stronger on D! The team learned a lot from our first round of games, and they did play some excellent defence. We are looking forward to our next round of games in early May.

Brent Jackson
Junior Athletics Coordinator