Another Year of Big Accomplishments in French

On May 15th and May 25th, the students from Grades 1 to 4 performed their annual French show in the theatre. Our Junior School welcomed parents and friends in French, English, and even Mandarin. The girls had lots of fun showing their families the plays they’ve been working on this year. From “The Three Little Pigs” to the African quest for water, parents traveled by car, boat and spaceship to help Marie find Pierre in Paris or helped Chat Angora find the criminal Mme Rat. There was lots of laughter in the audience since the girls performed with so much characterization and drama. Bravo!

The girls worked so hard all year that we decided to have our very first French Day on June 5th. Students were invited to dress up as a French girl, with Breton striped shirts, red scarves, and “béret” bien sûr! They were welcomed by French accordion music in the morning, with Mme Julie Rousseau dancing at the front door, and most of the students enjoyed going to ChouChou Crepes, the crêpe food truck, to order a crêpe in French and eat it out! There was so much excitement in the air on that day. C’était super!

Thank you for another great year in French, Junior School students! It was lots of fun!

Mme Céline

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