Junior Tigers Update: Thursday, September 13, 2018

The leaves are turning and that can only mean one thing: the return of school athletics! This term York House is proud to offer Cross-Country Running (Grades 3 through 7) and Volleyball (Grades 5, 6 7A and 7B).

Most of our competition comes through the Independent Schools Elementary Athletics (ISEA) association. The ISEA schools are located around the Lower Mainland and work to provide different levels of competitive opportunities over a variety of sports. In the individual sports (Cross-Country, Swimming, Track & Field) teams attend the ISEA Championships. During Grade 5 and 6 team competitions, a season will conclude with the ISEA Playday. Grade 7 team sports provide athletes with an opportunity to play in a league and compete in the ISEA Tournament.  

In the Junior School, no athletes are cut from any team. We do our best to accommodate all levels of experience. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for the girls to experience the ups and downs of the competitive arena. Throughout the process, our coaches work hard to help the girls build and understand strategies, tactics, skills, and self-efficacy. We are very proud to tell people that nearly every single one of our coaches is from our current staff, which speaks highly of our staff’s dedication and commitment to York House School Athletics.

The team began practices last Monday, and with over 50 participants the Tigers are fielding another strong team. Cross-Country practices are Monday and Wednesday after school, as well as Friday during the lunch hour. The team will attend two weekend meets organized by Track & Field clubs, and two weekday meets organized by ISEA schools. The meets give our young athletes the chance to build experience and fitness, which can better prepare them from the ISEA Championships.

The volleyball label is actually a little bit misleading. At the Grade 5 level, our teams play a game called Atomic Tripleball. This modified volleyball game is much more developmentally appropriate for Grade 5 athletes and is far more engaging for the players. Our team practices twice a week, Monday and Wednesday mornings. There are four afterschool games starting in late September and the season concludes with the ISEA Playday in late October.

Similar to the younger level, Grade 6 volleyball plays a modified game called Tripleball, and like Atomic Volleyball, the design of the game enhances the players’ development. Our team practices twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. There are four afterschool games starting in late September and the season concludes with the ISEA Playday in late October.

The game of volleyball at the Grade 7 level is also called Tripleball. This is the game that is endorsed by Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada. It is played throughout Canada at the U13 and U12 levels. This week at YHS, our Grade 7 athletes are attending the Selections where they will be placed on either the A team or the B team. Commitment is paramount for our Grade 7 students as both teams practice twice a week and compete in their respective leagues. League play results are used to establish the seeding for the ISEA Tournaments. Best of luck to both of our teams!

Brent Jackson
Jr. School Athletics Coordinator