Book Illustrator Ashley Barron Visits the Grade 2s and 3s

On the morning of May 8th, illustrator Ashley Barron worked with our Grade 2s and 3s in the Junior Learning Commons. Ashley has illustrated several children’s picture books including the Math in Nature series, Kyle Goes Alone, Up! and Birthdays Around the World.

To begin, Ashley explained to the students what an illustrator does, and the tools she uses to create her illustrations. The girls were fascinated with her colourful works of art and the process of how they become illustrations in a book.

Ashely chose one of her illustrations, a pond scene, as inspiration for a special activity for the girls. After a quick paper collage demo, the girls used colourful sheets of paper, scissors, and glue sticks to create their own shapes: plants and animals you would see from above a pond. At the very end, a piece of blue fabric was placed on the floor to act as the pond, and the girls placed their plants and creatures on it to create their very own pond scene.