Senior Tigers Update: May 9, 2019

Ultimate is our most popular spring sport with 52 girls from Grades 8-12 playing on four ultimate teams. YHS combines with St. George’s for this co-ed sport. When you combine Tigers and Knights you get “TIGHT”. Our TIGHT teams include two Junior (Gr. 8-10) level teams and two Senior (Gr. 11-12) level teams. The teams have been busy competing in our local league and some teams have attended some weekend tournaments.

Varsity TIGHT travelled to Burlington, WA to compete at one of the largest tournaments in North America, Spring Reign. This past weekend, our Varsity TIGHT Team travelled to Ottawa, ON to compete at high school Ultimate Nationals at Carleton University.

Ultimate playoffs for all levels are coming up in May.

Our Senior Soccer team has a very young roster with many players in Grades 8-10. Despite the youth movement in Soccer, the Tigers won their season opener against West Point Grey Academy (WPGA) 4-2 and beat St. Pat’s. The Tigers had hard-fought losses to Notre Dame, Crofton House (CHS), and St. Thomas More Collegiate (STMC). Tigers Soccer also travelled to St. Michaels University School (SMUS) in Victoria for ISAs placing 4th overall. Soccer season wraps up this week with the Tigers facing WPGA in playoff action.

Our Tigers Badminton team had a busy April playing league matches and competing at ISAs. The Tigers enjoyed league victories over St. Pat’s, Stratford Hall, and St. John’s and had hard-fought losses to Little Flower Academy (LFA) and CHS. At ISAs, our Tigers won bronze medals with a win over Southridge.

Our Senior Track & Field team has had a busy April training and competing at four league mini meets at Swangard Stadium. This week, our Tigers have been competing at our LMISSAA Zone Championship Meets at Swangard. Top athletes at our Zone meet qualify for the BC Championships.