Grade 6 and 7 Hackergal Hackathon

On Tuesday, December 17th, our Grade 6 and 7 students participated in York House School’s second annual Hackergal Hackathon. About 75 girls were ideating, developing, and refining a coding project using the Lynx Coding platform. The theme for this Winter’s Hackathon was Leaders in HERstory. The girls’ projects ranged from telling a story about a female leader to creating a “choose your own adventure” activity, and everything in between. We were also joined by three female coding professionals in Vancouver’s computer science industry who problem solved alongside the students and mentored these girls in an authentic way. We are very proud of our Grade 6 and 7 students who collaborated effectively with their peers, learned many new skills throughout the Hackathon process, and ended the day with tremendous pride and an understanding that they, too, are coders!

Kate Anthony
Educational Technology Coordinator