Junior Tigers Update: January 23, 2020

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the inaugural Festivus Basketballus event to celebrate the great game of basketball on Thursday, January 30th, 2020.

Grade 7 teams from Crofton House School, Mulgrave, and Stratford Hall will join our YHS Tigers in Rand Gymnasium. All four schools play two games each and have the opportunity to participate in a shooting competition. 

Inspired by the spirit of Megan Dalziel, our former teacher and a basketball star in her own right, all teams will be expected to display skills, intensity, effort, sportsmanship, and of course, enthusiasm for the game of basketball. 

The first game will tip-off at 9:30 am, and the final game of the day will start at 2:15 pm. 

We hope that everyone has a great day and enjoys the competition and camaraderie. 

We hope that you can come out and cheer this event!

In what seems like forever ago, the Swim Team participated in their first meet of the season on December 6 and 7 in the St. George’s Junior Invitational Swim Meet. The team did outstanding with YHS finishing in the top five at each grade level and second overall in the girls’ team category! 

  • Grade 3 – 5th 
  • Grade 4 – 1st 
  • Grade 5 – 2nd 
  • Grade 6 – 5th 
  • Grade 7 – 2nd

Individually, we had many outstanding swims, and several of our swimmers finished with a top aggregate score. A special mention to Coco (Grade 3) and Ryan (Grade 5) for winning the top aggregate award in their respective grade levels.

  • Grade 4: Coco – 1st, Kyla – 4th, Isabelle – 4th
  • Grade 5: Ryan – 1st, Jaime – 5th
  • Grade 6: Zyra – 6th
  • Grade 7: Charlotte – 6th

Early next week, on Tuesday, January 28, the team will be heading to Watermania in Richmond to compete in the Beth Heras Memorial Relays Meet. It is a fun meet hosted by Southpointe School, and the girls always look forward to it.

In our second week back following the Winter Break, all three Junior School teams have played a game. The Grade 5s hosted Southpointe Academy on Monday. Playing 5 on 5 on such a large court was a great experience for both teams and will serve them well in the future. On Tuesday, the Grade 7 team travelled to WPGA for our third league game of the season. Unfortunately, the Tigers came up short, losing 23 – 13, but the game was closely contested until early in the 4th quarter. Our team is rapidly improving, and they are looking forward to competing in the Cavs Classic tournament at Collingwood on Friday, January 24. The Grade 6 team hosted Fraser Academy on Wednesday. It was the team’s third game of the season and the improvement from the beginning of the season is evident as the team scored a big victory, posting well over 30 points!