Junior Tigers Update: January 30, 2020

January 30, was a busy day for our Junior School basketball teams. Our Grade 5 team traveled to Crofton House School and our Grade 6 team traveled to St. John’s School. Both games provide our teams with more competitive experience and a taste of local rivalries. Meanwhile, back at York House, our Grade 7 team hosted Crofton House School, Mulgrave, and Stratford Hall for the inaugural Festivus Basketballus event. 

With Festivus Basketballus, our hope is to build the foundation for a great event. An event where student-athletes can display some of the amazing intangibles that Megan Dalziel brought to our gymnasium. Everyone is excited to participate and we are looking forward to sharing all of the fantastic. Tune in next week to hear all about this fantastic event.

On Tuesday, January 28, all 31 members of the swim team caught an early bus to Watermania (Richmond) to participate in the Beth Heras Memorial Relay Meet. This is one of our favorite events, as the entire meet is comprised of relays, relays, and relays. With so many chances to swim, the athletes get a lot of races with their friends, and sometimes they even swim twice, in one event! It is also a great time for the swimmers to try new events.