The Addams Family Musical

Our production of The Addams Family musical showcased the extraordinary artistic and musical talents of students from York House, Saint George’s, and Vancouver College. 

My first year at YHS has been a truly incredible experience. From my very first day, these students have openly demonstrated their passion for musical theatre by imploring me to put on a show, and offering to help in any way possible to make sure it happened! 

While my choice in musical took a little time for the students to get used to (and become familiar with—who on earth were the Addams family?), I am so grateful for their trust in me and for committing to the show whole-heartedly. The cast, crew, vocal coach, choreographer, musical band director, set designer, set construction crew, props team and volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring this original story to life amidst laughter, excitement, sometimes tears, and the pure fun of working together. 

I am honoured to have received such overwhelmingly positive feedback about all aspects of the show from family, faculty, and friends who attended: from the acting, the music, the projections, set design, props, tech and lighting, the gracious compliments and praise for all involved was so inspiring. I wish to acknowledge the great work and support of many faculty and staff who helped make our musical a huge success. Thank you to Dawn Haylett, Monique Marcotte, Ellie Froese, Jonathan Lee, Nathan Reimer, Ben Chan, Matthew Chyzyk, Iva Yeh, Ingrid Best, Stan Figaj, and Paul Sinclair. I also wish to thank the faculty and staff who helped with front of house and with all the other details involved in supporting the musical. It was great to see many faculty and staff come out in support of the musical. 

The Addams Family Musical is fundamentally a musical about family. As the family themselves sing: “It’s family first and family last, and family by and by” (Act 1, Sc 1). Over the past five months of rehearsing together, we have grown to become a family of our own. From our little family to yours, thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed the show.

Congratulations everyone for an incredible accomplishment!

Keira Louis
The Addams Family Director
Drama & English Teacher