Junior Yorkies at Home

Yorkie Game Design:
In this STEAM project, Junior students were asked to design their own games from home. Check out their creative games in this video. Keep making and playing Yorkies

Yorkie Pets:
Junior students and staff were also asked to share their Yorkie pets. All the photos were compiled into this video that was shown during assembly. Such a lovely way to share a piece of home with the community!

Junior School Artwork:
Junior students had the opportunity to submit their artwork to be shown at the start of assembly. Enjoy this artwork from our very talented Yorkies!

Yorkies Staying Active:
Yorkies were also asked to share all the ways they are staying active. Keep it up Yorkies! Enjoy the compilation video

Grade 3s Sing “The Lollipop Tree”:
Check out this delightful rendition of “The Lollipop Tree” sung by Grade 3 students for Ms. Ninan’s Music class.

Grade 1s Do the “Bunny Rabbit Boogie”:
Some of our Grade 1 students learned to perform the “Bunny Rabbit Boogie” online with Ms. Ninan. Watch them “hop, hop…hop, hop, hop” in this video! Way to go, Yorkies!