Graduation 2020

This is certainly not how anyone imagined how graduation would look. Despite everything, we still wanted to find a special way to honour the Class of 2020—and what a unique celebration it was!

Our physically distanced graduation ceremony was recorded over two days and was shared with families and staff to watch on the actual graduation day – June 19th. Our grads were invited to the school for a closely guarded secret celebration. A parade of faculty and staff lined the streets of Alexandra and West 26th to cheer on the arrival of our Class of 2020 grads twice on the day so that we could honour the limitations of no more than 50 people at a time for an event. Once they arrived, they were guided onto the athletics field where they were met with the photo op of a lifetime—a special art installation by the Big Love Ball. The Big Love Ball installation, the brainchild of past parent Wendy Williams Watt, made for a very memorable graduation—our Yorkies even donned surgical masks for some of the shots to mark this extraordinary moment in history. 

Class of 2020, we are so proud of your resilience and amazing accomplishments. Remember to always lead with love. Onward and upward, Yorkies!

@BigLoveBall installation created by Wendy Williams Watt.

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*Please note: the large group photo is a compilation of two separate groups, shot during two events. With the magic of Photoshop, we were able to include the entire Class of 2020 in one photo.