First-ever “Maker Faire” in the Senior School

On March 4 and 5th, York House ADST 8 & 9 and Engineering 11 students had the opportunity to showcase some of their design thinking at our first ever “York House Maker Faire”. Twenty-six projects were presented over the three floors of Senior School and demonstrated the wide range of ideas and problems our students have worked with this year. Each project on display responded in a unique way to a challenge or a need selected by the student. On display from the challenge, “How might I make a piece of furniture entirely from cardboard?” are a night table, a ping-pong table, and a floor desk. Projects designed to meet more personal and individual needs included a mailbox, advent calendars, a phone holder that clips to a music stand, a LED disco ball that responds to sound, and much much more. Each project included a brief outline highlighting the successes and next steps for the design. It was a great two days of showcasing the students’ creative thinking and hard work. Comments from students and staff included, “How did they make that?”, “How can I make one of those?”, “Is that for sale?” and “I can’t believe they were able to make that in Grade 8!”. 

Congratulations to all students in ADST and Engineering this year and thank you to those whose projects we were able to display in the Maker Faire. We invite you to view some of the showcased projects through this interactive experience.

Nathan Reimer
Senior School STEAM Coordinator