Junior School Art Festival: “The Visionary Act”

A group of Grade 7 students, along with Ms. Comeau and Ms. Krahn organized the Junior School’s first art festival this year, called “The Visionary Act”. From May 3-7, student art from select students was displayed under the pergola as well as in the halls of the Junior School.

With the theme of “I wish you knew”, there was a focus on found/recycled materials (sustainability) and installation art, and submissions included photo essays, digital art, photography, sculpture, mixed media, dance, painting, pastels, sketching, poetry, textiles, and light installations.

The goal was to showcase students who are passionate about art and work with them in workshops and 1:1 mentoring to help them develop their artistic skills. The Grade range included 4-7 (as well as one Grade 3 student and two Grade 8s). Interested students had to submit proposals and go through an application and approval process like a proper artist in the community would for an art festival. Over 30 art pieces were approved.

Student artists who submitted art were able to join several workshops during the months of April and May, including buckskin sewing, woodworking, embroidery, photography, needle felting, and writing/poetry. Grade 7s also students put together a website for the festival. 

We hope to continue the art festival in future years, and include live performances, tents where parents can create art with their children, and areas for collaborative art, and more!

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