York House Internal Film Festival

Throughout Term 1, Grade 6 students learned about the Rights of the Child as part of their Social Studies curriculum. Students participated in various activities and discussions to investigate and analyze the meanings of the Rights, categories in which they are grouped into, real stories about children whose rights had been violated, and organizations that support children’s rights.

In groups of 2 or 3, students created a stop motion animation to educate others about the Rights of the Child. The goal of their films was to use this art form to help others recognize how lucky we are to have our rights respected, and to raise awareness about rights violations around the world. First, students interviewed a Grade 1 buddy by asking them questions related to specific Rights of the Child, but with a positive perspective. Next, they turned their buddies’ narratives into an animation using Stop Motion Studio on an iPad. Students used a variety of stop motion media, including claymation, object motion, hand-drawn animation, and cut-out motion. Then, students edited their films using iMovie. They included statistics about each Right to contrast with the experiences we are fortunate enough to have.

On Thursday, December 9th we showcased their hard work! Grade 6s dressed their best and walked the red carpet in the Bentley Room and Gail Ruddy Foyer. They had photos taken in front of a York House Internal Film Festival backdrop and were interviewed by Grade 7 students. Lured by the aroma of buttery popcorn, students picked up their snack on the way into the Odette Tognetti Theatre. It was an afternoon of celebration, pride, and thunderous applause.

Thank you to our Grade 7 interviewers Logan, Jaime, and Sarah; Calvin for tech support; Ms. Anthony for the photobooth; Karm for candid photos; and Birdie for video coverage.

Congratulations Grade 6s!

Ms. Jacqueline McCallister and Ms. Kellie Young (Grade 6 Homeroom Teachers)