Head Lines: Summer 2022

Dear York House Community,

In the “busy”- ness of life, we seldom take time to slow down and truly notice what is around us. As the last few months and weeks of school have gone by, and ahead of my departure for a new adventure, I made a point to notice all that surrounds us at York House School. 

Picture happy Yorkies skipping along 26th avenue in their uniform, some holding their parents’ hands, others bopping along with parents trying to catch up. There is something magical about students skipping to school and I have loved watching this play out every day for the past seven years. As Yorkies skip along, you can see their joy and love for their school, their friends and their caring teachers. I love their carefree spirit, their curiosity for learning and their boundless creativity. This energy can also be seen in the classrooms as well as recess and lunch. 

There is no doubt that the best part of being a Head of School is getting to be part of the lives of so many wonderful students. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our Yorkies in the hallways and in classrooms connecting with their peers and their teachers. I have seen them so invested in their studies. It has been so inspiring to see students who care deeply about their learning. York House School is a place that nurtures this joy of learning and also reminds students that they can dream big and achieve anything they set their minds to.

Supported by outstanding faculty and staff, we have seen our Yorkies thrive academically, in athletics, in fine arts, and of course in service to the school community and beyond. After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, we have had an outstanding year in athletics and in fine arts. The learning and social development that occurs through participation on athletic teams, choir, band or clubs truly enriches the learning experiences of our Yorkies. Thank you to all the faculty coaches and alumnae who have given of their time and energy. You truly make such a positive difference.

I leave York House School having been enriched as a leader, educator, and human being. I am extremely grateful for my seven years here at York House, five of which have been as Head of School. I am incredibly proud of our students and extremely grateful for our supportive parent community. York House is truly a special place and the sense of community that exists here is largely due to the outstanding faculty, staff, administration team and board I have had the pleasure of working with. 

I know that the school will be in very capable hands with Ms. Deryn Lavell as the new Head of School. I want to wish you all a wonderful summer ahead. May this summer be filled with sunshine, laughter, and memorable times with family and friends.

I wish to thank you all for your support over the years. I will forever cherish very special memories of my time at York House School.


Julie Rousseau