Junior Tigers Update: October 20, 2022

Last Friday, October 14, our team participated in the 2022 ISEA Cross-Country Running Championships.We are proud to announce that York House finished 2nd overall in the girls team category! This is a mighty achievement as it requires a top effort from all of the Tigers. Although Cross-Country Running is an individual sport, we need each grade level to run at a high level for us to have team success.

How do the ISEA Championships work? Each participant is given a score based on their placement in the race (1st = 1 point, 33rd = 33 points, etc). Each grade-level team is given a score based on their top four finishers, and the lowest score wins. To compete for the Overall Championhip, you must have a grade-level score from all five grades (Grade 3-7). Having both quality and a quantity of athletes is crucial to team success. This is especially true with Cross-Coutnry Running competitions where your top runners will keep your score low, while your depth will push the competition’s scores higher. 

The Tigers are blessed to have quantity and quality runners, and here are our team results, along with our top four finishers in each Grade:

  • Grade 7 (2nd place) 
    • Charlotte L. (1st place!), Jocelyn C. (7), Aila F. (8), Jessica T. (16)
  • Grade 6 (4th place)
    • Eliza Q. (10), Olive E. (24), Christelle C. (33), Amaaris D. (40)
  • Grade 5 (1st place!)
    • Audrey C. (6), Mackenzie E. (7), Sophie M. (9), Aiza R. (10)
  • Grade 4 (6th place)
    • Megan Y. (21), Ella C. (26), Avery U. (29), Clara D. (30)
  • Grade 3 (1st place!)
    • Isabelle M. (4), Ashiana VV (5), Loretta W. (6), Every H. (11)

Finally, no season is complete without saying THANK YOU to our tremendous coaching staff. Leading the charge of organizing and supporting our 87 athletes was our venerable Head Coach, Mrs. Ling. Joining her for our three weekly practices and four races were Ms. Pearkes, Ms. Banfield, Ms. McCallister, Ms. Krahn, Ms. Abbott, and Ms. Waterhouse. Kudos to our entire team for an amazing season!

Our final week of volleyball is quickly approaching as next week will see all four of our Junior School teams participate in their respective ISEA Events. 

  • Monday, October 24: Grade 6 ISEA Playday at the Harry Jerome Sports Centre
  • Wednesday, October 26: Grade 5 ISEA Playday at St. John’s School
  • Thursday, October 27: Grade 7A Tournament at Crofton House School
  • Thursday, October 27: Grade 7B Tournament at York House School

This past week saw the Grade 6s travel to Collingwood for some quality volleyball action, while both Grade 7 teams traveled to West Point Grey (WPGA) to take on the Wolves. At WPGA our 7A team came away with the victory. Unfortunately, our 7B team lost a hard-fought match. League play for the Grade 7 teams will wrap up on Monday at Crofton House School. 

A big thank you to all of our student-athletes who upheld their commitment to their sport and team of choice. Making a commitment to your sport requires discipline and sacrifice. However, without the character to make those choices, we do not learn their value, and we do not own our growth. We should also thank all of the parents who support their children’s activities through their driving, feeding, laundry and countless other ways of giving their time. Well done Tigers!

The Code of Conduct that we expect from our athletes and parents is not often talked about, nor published, because for the most part our student-athletes, coaches, and parents are excellent at modelling appropriate behaviours. However, from time to time incidents occur that remind me that our Code of Conduct needs to be circulated more prominently. One area I would like to highlight now is the following statement:

We shall respect the rulings of officials and minor officials without gesture or argument, and we shall require others to do the same;

It is an easy one to highlight because we have all seen a parent, coach, or fan who lost sight of the big picture. Often it is around the scoreboard or a call that did not favour their team (child). It is important to remember that an athletic journey is full of different experiences. It is the up and downs, the highs and lows, the wins and losses that make an athletic journey special. A full version of our Code of Conduct will be included in the Term 2 Athletics Sign-Up.

From time to time I receive information from community sports groups. We are happy to post this information through our JS Athletics Blog. 

Smash Volleyball: Has lots of space in their November/December Grade 4-5 program.

It takes place on Monday and/or Thursday from 4:15 pm – 5:30 pm at Shaughnessy Heights United Church.