Junior Tigers Update: May 4, 2023

May the force be with you, as it is with our Track & Field team! We now have two events under our belts. The first competition of the season took place at Mercer Stadium in New Westminster on April 21 and 22 at the Vancouver Olympic Club (VOC) Elementary Track & Field Meet. This event is a time-honoured tradition for the Tigers, and once again a gaggle of nearly 80 Tigers descended upon the competition with their swagger, energy, and enthusiasm. To be sure there were also a few nerves, especially for those younger athletes competing for the first time. Nothing can replace experience, and we are very proud of those young Tigers for running, jumping, and throwing with such effort. A big thank you to everyone who gave up their usual Friday evening and Saturday plans to join us. As well, a big thank you to all of the YHS Staff who give so much of their time coaching! 

Our second competition took place on Wednesday, April 26 at the Vancouver Elementary Schools Track & Field Championships held by the UBC Varsity Track & Field Team. We brought all of our Grade 5, 6, and 7 athletes to the competition and each athlete competed in three events, plus a 4x100m relay. As always the many, many Tigers reached new heights with personal bests, and several of those personal bests resulted in Top 3 finishes. Congratulation to all of our Tigers for a wonderful day of competition. You represented YHS exceptionally well!

Our Ultimate group consists of two teams, a Grade 5 team, and a combined Grade 6/7 team. Three times during the past few weeks, these teams have been travelling over to Winona Park and participating in the ISEA Ultimate League. Our Tigers have represented YHS beautifully by competing very hard all the while leading with amazing SPIRIT. For those of you who have played, or play, ultimate, you know how important ‘spirit’ is to the core of ultimate. As a game played with out referees, each player is asked to show a tremendous amount of respect for the rules and for the opposition. In a competitive environment this can be very difficult; however, time after time our Tigers rise to the occasion and display amazing sportsmanship and maturity. The teams have one more week of League games, and then the final event of the season the ISEA Playday (Grade 5) and the ISEA Tournament (Grade 6/7) will take place on May 18. Good luck Tigers!