“Tight” Takes First in Ultimate

Jr. Ultimate Team "Tight" at City Championships on Friday, May 10.
Jr. Ultimate Team wins City Championships against Stratford Hall 15-9 on Friday, May 10.

On Friday, at the City Championships, we played some pretty impressive ultimate. Both the Jr. and Sr. Ultimate teams took home first place in the ISA equivalent ultimate tournament on Friday.

Our York House Tigers team up with Saint George’s Knights to form “Tight” (a clever combo of the school mascots).

Sr. Ultimate Team wins City Championship against Stratford Hall 13-10.
Sr. Ultimate Team wins City Championship against Stratford Hall 13-10, on Friday, May 10, 2013.

Both the Jr. A team, and Sr. A team brought home gold after two very good games played simultaneously against Stratford Hall. The Juniors won 15-9, and the Seniors won their match (a bit more of a nail biter) 13-10. Both teams will advance to the Provincial Championships (the last weekend in May).

There is a rule in the game where teams must play the same number of girls and boys (either 3 or 4 of 7). I heard a girl from another team on the sidelines comment that Tight always plays 4 girls when they set the team because our girls are so hard to play against… clearly that strategy is a good one.

Here are the full results from the tournament, showing that even our B teams are very competitive. The Jr. Tight B team just barely missed 2nd place with a 11-12 loss in the game for 2nd place (it was double elimination).

Senior Results

1. Saints/YHS A
2. Stratford Hall
4. Saints/YHS B
5. Carver
6. King David
7. Regent Christian

Junior Results

1. Saints/YHS A (Gr. 10s/9s)
2. SH A
3. Saints/YHS B (Gr. 8s/9s)
4. Regent Christian
5. St. John’s
7. Southpoint
8. SH B

From: Mr. Johnston & Mr. Riendl

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