Gr. 4s Explore History of Vancouver with STEAM Project

Our Grade 4 students demonstrated their learning about the history of Vancouver through their creative STEAM projects. This project incorporated two BC Curriculum learning standards: learning about the history of the local community and devices that transform energy.

First, the students were introduced to many historical events that occurred in Vancouver and then they chose several to study in depth. The students also made a watercolour painting of the event that piqued their interest the most. After gathering information and taking notes, the students also produced a written piece. Then, using wires, batteries, electrical tape, insulating tape, and light bulbs, the students made a question and answer game on their painting. This was an interactive way for students, faculty, and parents to learn more about Vancouver’s history.

Madeleine Abbott
Grade 4 Teacher

See photos from their presentation showcase held on Friday, June 16:

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