Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Galli

Meet Jennifer Galli: Associate Director, Advancement

Jennifer Galli, Associate Director, Advancement, with her two boys.

What impresses you most about the students at York House School?
I’m constantly impressed by the girls’ confidence. Every time one of the students get up to perform or make a speech or walk the runway at the Fashion Show, I’m in awe of their self-assurance. That is what I love most about York House; the teachers and staff create an environment where the girls feel comfortable to explore their talents and try new things.  

What impresses you about our community overall?
I’m impressed by the support of the community. The time that parents, alumnae, teachers, and staff put in to ensure that the girls have everything they need to be successful is amazing.

What are you most looking forward to at York House in the coming months?
I’m looking forward to the spring, I love the excitement of graduation and all of the events that go along with it. It’s such a wonderful time for Grade 12s and you can feel it in the hallways in May and June.

What is something that people might not know about you that you would like to share?
My husband and I own a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio in Lower Lonsdale. They call Jiu Jitsu “human chess” because it isn’t just a physical sport but one that requires a lot of thought and strategy – beating your opponent is less about size and more about smarts!