Kindess Month

In February, we focused on being kind to others in our community. We kicked-off the month asking the girls to submit hashtag suggestions and Sapphira’s (Grade 6) was selected for us to use for the month – #lendahandYHS. The girls started the month handing out Bingo cards with some ideas of things they could do for others. The classes each came up with ideas for a “Random Act of Kindness” as well as more kindness challenges for the other class in their grade.

You may have noticed little pink stickies around the school as the girls wrote positive messages of kindness on them and left them throughout. As well, we had a wall of kindness bulletin board where girls wrote down kind things they’d done. The Senior School also joined in on the fun with a kindness board of their own.

Kindness Month culminated with Pink Shirt Day on February 28th when we all wore pink shirts to remind us that it’s never ok to bully or tease someone because they are different. Ms. Shore’s class has some fun ideas for us to continue treating others with kindness at York House and beyond. For example, how can we be kinder to our teachers, our friends, our environment, etc? Stay tuned for more as we continue to build our empathy for others at the Little School and the Junior School!